Villa Vikan’s rental properties, which are located in Raasepori, include a main building (250 sq m) located on a cape surrounded by a lake and two log cabins (70 sq m) near the shore. Each building is separately available for renting, but a larger group may rent more than one building at a time if needed.

The main building has four bedrooms and a maximum of eight beds, and each of the log cabins can accommodate up to four people. Each building has a sauna. Contrary to the rules of the Union for its residences abroad, you are allowed to bring other people to Vikan in addition to the members of your family or other organisations that rent Vikan. The price for these “outsiders” is EUR 80 per person including a set of linen. Cabin no. 2 can also accommodate pets, but they are not allowed in the other buildings. Cabin 1 and the main building are suitable for allergy sufferers.

In the main building, there is a Steinway grand piano, an electric keyboard, recording cabling with wall sockets, a monitoring system, AV equipment, etc. The log cabins also have a work space equipped for electronic music work with keyboards and monitors.

Contrary to the rules of the residences located abroad, previous visits to the residence do not pose a “burden” when applying for weeks in Vikan. Also, a visit to a Vikan residence does not in any way prevent you from applying for a residence abroad. A simultaneous visit by more than one member of the Union improves your chances. In that case, a group with only Union members only need to submit one application. The same procedure is recommended for couples who are both members of the Union.

With the renovation project completed in the summer of 2014, the main building has now been restored, both inside and outside, to its original condition. At the same time, improvements have been made to usability and energy economy, e.g. a geothermal system has been installed. The equipment of the log cabins has also been upgraded and the surroundings improved in accordance with a landscaping plan.

The residences are located in the village of Persböle by the shore of the Långträsket lake at Vikan 30-31, Persböle, 10420 Pohjankuru. Vikan is approximately 10 kilometres away from Fiskars and 18 kilometres away from the centre of Karjaa. Vikan is at a distance of 93 kilometres from Helsinki and 115 kilometres from Turku.

Members of composer organisations should submit their applications to their own organisations.

Application conditions

On the date that the application is submitted, the applicant must have been a member of the Musicians’ Union for at least three months, and this is also required of any other members of the Musicians’ Union who join the applicant.

If the applicant or any other member joining the applicant has payment arrears on the date of the application, the application will not be included in the draw. The case is the same with unpaid membership fees.

Rental period and invoicing

The rental period is one week from Monday to Monday. This means, for example, that you have to pay a full week’s rent even if you only spend four days at the residence.

Invoicing takes place within a few weeks of the booking and the payment period is two weeks; the booking is binding once the rent has been paid.


Applications are only accepted by email to during the announced application period. You should title the application as “Villa Vikan 2022”.

In your email, you must indicate the names of people staying at the residence with you, and, for each person, whether he or she is a member of the Union or your family or some other person. You must also indicate whether you have visited a Union residence before.

The weeks to be applied for are indicated with a sequence number (1–53), not as dates.
You can apply for a rental period of one or two weeks. A two-week rental may be possible, but mostly outside the summer period. You can apply for several weeks in an order of priority; if the first week is no longer available, the applicant will be awarded the next available week.


The draw is organised after the end of the application period, and each week is awarded to the winner of the draw. The result of the draw will be announced to the applicants in person.