Applications for the LA residence may only be submitted during the announced application period. Applications received outside that period will not be included in the draw. After the application period is over, the draw will take place. In your application email, you should indicate as many suitable weeks as possible.

The members can use the residence for practising, other work or even promotional purposes. Since the residence is mainly intended for work purposes, you cannot bring guests apart from a family member or a member of the Union and we recommend that you do not bring a child under 12 years old with you to the residence. There will be others living in the residence with you, so please be considerate of other tenants.

Please note, that both the Beverly room and the Silver room only have double beds, so you can only have one person joining you. Pets are not allowed in the residences.

Application conditions

On the date that the application is submitted, the applicant must have been a member of the Musicians’ Union for at least three months, and this is also required of any other member of the Musicians’ Union who is joining the applicant.

If the applicant or the member joining the applicant has payment arrears on the date of the application, the application will not be included in the draw. The case is the same with unpaid membership fees.

Rental period and invoicing

The rental period is one week from Monday to Monday. This means, for example, that you have to pay a full week’s rent even if you only spend four days at the residence.

Invoicing takes place within a few weeks of the booking and the payment period is two weeks; the booking is binding once the rent has been paid.

The residence must be vacated by the time that is informed in the house manual.


Applications are only accepted by email to during the announced application period. You should title the email as “Los Angeles 2022”.

In your email, you must indicate the name of person staying at the residence with you and whether the person is a member of the Union or your family.

The weeks to be applied for are indicated with a sequence number (1–53), not as dates. In your application, you can list several weeks in an order of priority; if the first week/weeks is no longer available, the applicant will be awarded the next available week/weeks.


Beverly (master bedroom)

1 week: 450 €
2 weeks: 800 €
3 weeks: 1100 €
4 weeks: 1350 €

Silver (bedroom)

1 week: 360 €
2 weeks: 700 €
3 weeks: 1000 €
4 weeks: 1250 €

The weekly rent includes one set of linen (bed linen and towel) and cleaning once a week. If you have a guest traveling with you, the cost of additional set of linen is 40 € (for example, a week in the Silver room for 2 persons would cost EUR 360 + EUR 40 for additional linen = EUR 400).


Once the application period is over, the draws for the LA residence will be performed: the owner of the first ticket drawn will get the week/weeks that they have set as primary and each following person will get the first available week/weeks in an order of priority.

Each week is awarded to the winner of the draw, and each member is granted a rental period that they have applied for (1–4 weeks). The result of the draw will be announced to the applicants via email.