Members of the Musicians’ Union are entitled to receive telephone advice from the lawyers of Eversheds Attorneys Ltd. on legal matters concerning their private life.

How should I proceed with the settlement of a home sale dispute? How can I transfer assets to the next generation? What are the tax effects in different situations? What are the advantages of a prenuptial agreement?

You can get answers to these questions and many others by phone from the experts of Eversheds Attorneys Ltd. As the lawyers annually advise thousands of people on matters related to their private lives, they have solid expertise and experience of the legal problems of private individuals and solving various disputes.

The telephone service covers matters that the member can ask and the lawyer answer over the phone. If it is not possible to find a solution during a telephone conversation, you can retain the lawyer’s services for a charge.

When you make a phone call, you must give your membership number. Telephone support is available on weekdays at 10.00–16.00 by phoning the counselling numbers.

Helsinki: 010 6841 400
Hämeenlinna: 010 6841 401
Jyväskylä: 010  6841 402
Tampere: 010 6841 403
Turku: 010 6841 404

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