Ilmoittaudu mukaan: Kansainvälisen muusikkojen liiton (FIM) orkesteriwebinaari 16.11.

FIM:n puheenjohtaja John Smithin moderoimassa keskustelussa on mukana panelisteja Costar Ricasta, Suomesta, Saksasta ja Yhdysvalloista. Webinaari simultaanitulkataan englanniksi, ranskaksi, saksaksi ja espanjaksi.
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FIM webinar:

Repercussions of the pandemia on symphony and opera orchestras

16th of November 2021, 3–5 pm Finnish time


  • John Smith (President, FIM)


  • Irene Monterroso (President, ANEP-OSN / Costa Rica)
  • Anna Kondracka (Orchestra Manager, Finnish National Opera & Ballet / Finland)
  • Gerald Mertens (Managing Director, DOV / Germany)
  • Rochelle Skolnick (Director, AFM Symphonic Services Division / UNITED STATES)

About eighteen months ago, when it became clear that the world was facing a pandemic, live music venues were rapidly shut down everywhere. In rare cases, live performances remained possible, but only as streaming videos. Safety protocols at the workplace were initially subject to some controversy. For instance, there were differences between European countries regarding the assessment of risk on stage. In the US, the MET stopped paying the musicians’ salaries. In many other countries, wages continued to be paid (although sometimes at a slightly lower level).

Orchestras had to be creative to continue working and remain visible for their audiences. There have been differences in how to develop relevant activities in compliance with safety restrictions. Sometimes, such initiatives required specific agreements with the musicians to increase flexibility temporarily.

Today, most orchestras are gradually recovering a “normal” activity level, although audiences may not necessarily follow the same dynamic.

One thing we have learned since March 2020 is that orchestras are very fragile. Should a similar crisis occur in the future, they must have adequate strategies already in place. We cannot afford to reproduce the mistakes of 2020.

During this 2-hour webinar, panellists will report about the past 18 months, describe how orchestras dealt with the challenges caused by the pandemic in their respective countries, and explain how they think they would deal with a new, similar crisis, based on this recent experience.

Attendees will be given the floor for an interactive Q&A session.

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