Coronavirus outbreak and contractual relationships

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak might cause changes in live music events and work engagements in the music field. The right to a fee under a cancellation of an engagement depends on the nature and specifics of the contractual relationship.

Employment relationships

An employee is entitled to a maximum of 14 days’ pay in case work is completely prevented for reasons beyond control of both employer and employee. Such a situation may arise due to the coronavirus epidemic.


The pay for the quarantine period may be based on a collective agreement. The pay for absence due to infectious disease is regulated in the collective agreement on municipal public service and the general collective agreement on the theatre field.

In case the employment relationship is not covered by a collective agreement or the pay for quarantine period is not agreed in it, the person in quarantine is entitled to Kela’s sickness allowance on account of an infectious disease. The allowance is determined by the Infectious Diseases Act and the Health Insurance Act.

Non-employment relationships

As regards non-employment, the right for pay is considered on a case-by-case contractual basis. As a general rule, force majeure provisions in the contractare observed. An administrative order by the relevant authority for an event, venue or area leading to the cancellation of an event may constitute an objective ground of force majeure for cancellation on both sides.

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