The London residence is a furnished and well-equipped apartment in the Fulham district in the western part of London at 2 Knivet Road. The floor area of the four-storey apartment is approximately 150 square metres.

After the pandemic London residence is now open. Applying for the first half of residency weeks opening soon.

Apartment and its furnishing

The residence is a furnished and well-equipped apartment in the Fulham district in the western part of London at 2 Knivet Road. With the renovation completed at the end of 2015, the residence now has one extra bedroom allowing larger groups to stay there. The floor area is approximately 150 square metres on four floors. Downstairs, there is a living room and a dining room/kitchen. On the mid-floor, there is an entrance hall, two bedrooms and a bathroom/toilet. Upstairs, there is a toilet/shower and two bedrooms, one with a work corner. From the ground floor, you can access the back yard where there is a sauna.

The downstairs living room has a grand piano equipped with headphones, so you can play it, for instance, during the night. The top floor has a work space with electronic equipment for music work, such as a MIDI/USB keyboard, a 27-inch computer display, a mixer and Genelec powered speakers. Users need to bring their own laptop with them.

The living room has a large flat-screen TV and a 5.1 sound system. The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator/freezer, coffee maker, toaster, dishwasher and basin and cooking utensils. There is also a washer dryer downstairs.

You can play and practise in a manner that is suitable in an apartment building, that is, within reason and taking neighbours into account.


In the immediate vicinity of the apartment, there is a full range of services, such as restaurants, a pharmacy, a bank, a launderette, a metro station (at a walking distance of about 5 minutes), shopping facilities, etc.



The residence weeks are drawn every six months, and people who have been members of the Musicians’ Union for at least six months by that time can participate in the draw.

The residence can accommodate up to eleven people. Since the residence is mainly intended for work purposes, you can only be accompanied by members of your family.

As a rule, the rental period is one week, from Monday to Monday. This means, for example, that you have to pay a full week’s rent even if you only spend four days at the residence.


The weekly rent for the London residence is EUR 430 including one set of linen (bed linen and towel) and a clean-up once a week on Monday afternoon. Additional guests (with additional linen) cost EUR 40 each (for example, a week for 4 persons would cost EUR 430 + EUR 120 = EUR 550).