For Your Health – Musicians’ Sick Fund

The aim of the sick fund is to promote musicians’ possibilities to take care of their health and diminish the loss of income during illness. Sick fund is secondary to the compensation paid by the National Pensions Institute or the employer.

Daily allowance

Sick fund pays it’s members a daily allowance, if a member has had to cancel work due to an illness. Daily allowance can be paid on each cancelled working day, until the right to receive allowances from the National Pensions Institute begins. The time, during which the National Pensions Institute does not pay any daily allowances, is the day of getting ill + next 9 weekdays. Sick fund does not compensate the day of getting ill, either. The daily allowance paid by the sick fund is also secondary, if the employer is obliged to pay any salary during the sickness leave.

A full daily allowance is the amount of the agreed salary, the maximum amount being 90 euros. If a member has the right to receive part of the agreed salary from the employer, he/she can get a partial daily allowance. The amount of the partial daily allowance is the difference between the agreed salary and the amount paid by the employer. According to the Finnish labour law, employer has to pay at least a part of the salary, if the working had already begun when the employee got ill. Employer fills up a certification of the agreed salary and the obligation to pay salary. The certification form is on the back side of the daily allowance application.

If the disability to work has lasted over the above mentioned 9 weekdays, so that the right to receive allowances from the National Pensions Institute has begun, the allowance has to be applied for there first. After that, it is possible to apply for daily allowances for the waiting period (1+9 days) from the sick fund. The decision of the National Pensions Institute has to be attached to the application.

Tax deduction card, employer’s certificate of the lost working days and salary, and an original medical certificate have to be attached to the application. When you apply for allowances from the National Pensions Institute first, remember to ask for an official copy of the medical certificate.

Daily allowance paid by the sick fund is subject to withholding tax.

Compensation for dental care

Musicians’ Sick Fund compensates dental care costs to a maximum of 135 euros during one calendar year, supposing that the musician has been a member of the fund for at least one year. If the care has been necessary for professional purposes, it is possible to receive an extra compensation of a maximum 90 euros. The professional necessity is estimated in each individual case. Usually the care for wind instrumentalists has been seen necessary for professional purposes. Also some esthetic care can be compensated.

Compensation is secondary to the compensation paid by the National Pensions Institute or the employer. This is why it is recommended that the application to the sick fund is made after these have given their decisions. A certificate of the decisions has to be attached to the application. Also a dentist’s specification of the dental care and the original receipt have to be attached. If these papers have been given to the National Pensions Institute, attach official copies.

If the employer compensates the care annually according to a collective agreement, attach a specification of how much the employer has compensated during the relevant year.

Compensation for hearing examinations

Musicians’ Sick Fund compensates costs of hearing examinations for members, who have no occupational health service. The maximum compensation is 45 euros once every three years. The sick fund is secondary to a compensation from any other place.

In order to get any compensation, a member has to have been member of the sick fund for at least 6 months. Receipts of the examinations have to be attached.

Hearing protectors

Musician’ Sick Fund compensates part of the price of hearing protectors needed for professional use. Compensation can be paid, if the musician has no employer responsible for noise protection. Compensation has so far been paid for the below mentioned hearing protectors:

Sick Fund compensates 50 % of the price, maximum compensation is 80 euros.

Preconditions for the compensation:

  • at least 18 months membership of the sick fund
  • noisy work, where hearing protectors are needed to avoid loss of hearing
  • an advance compensation decision from the sick fund
  • protectors are mentioned in the list

Application process:

  • Application to the sick fund (forms can be found at the sick fund, union office or internet).
  • Application is treated at the sick fund. Possible positive decision.
  • After a positive decision, hearing protectors can be bought.
  • The costs in excess of the deductible amount can be collected from the sick fund.

Hospital and health centre expenses

Musicians’ Sick Fund compensates hospital and health centre day fees and the attached basic fee. Day fees are compensated to a maximum of the lowest central hospital fee (other than psychiatric ward) and for a maximum of 10 bed-days / illness.

Precondition for the compensation is at least 6 months membership of the fund. Required attachments are receipt of the day fees and a certificate of the number of bed-days.

Age group physical examination

Age group physical examination costs are compensated to a maximum of 100 euros during the calendar year, during which the member turns 45 or 55 years. Costs may include an examination made by a general practitioner (GP), and connected laboratory and X-ray costs.

Application procedure

Each compensation has to be applied for within six months after the cost has occurred. After the term, the board of the sick fund may grant a compensation only due to a special cause.

Order the application form from the office of the Musicians’ Union.

Most important attachments are the medical certificate, dentist’s specification of the dental care, receipts, decisions of the National Pensions Institute and receipts and certificates of the paid allowances. In some cases, also tax deduction card and an employer certificate are needed.

Waiting periods

Waiting period is the minimum membership time, after which a musician may receive compensation from the sick fund. According to the fund rules, the waiting periods are:

6 months: daily allowances, hospital and health centre day fees, costs of hearing examinations
12 months: dental care costs
18 months: hearing protectors