The Finnish Musicians’ Union (founded in 1917) is a trade organization for professional musicians. It organizes some 3 800 members in 22 branches. The Finnish Musicians Union is a member of The Central Organization of The International Federation of Musicians (FIM), The Nordic Musician Union (NMU), The Central Finnish Trade Unions (SAK) and International Artist Organization (IAO).

Orchestra musicians, soloists and conductors represent approximately one third of the Union membership. The remaining two thirds consists of restaurant, entertainment, jazz and rock musicians. The ballet dancers of the Finnish National Opera are also organized in the Union.

Collective bargaining and cultural politics are important aspects of the work of the Musicians’ Union. So is affecting legislation in various fields relevant to musicians and their work, such as copyright.

Individual members are given counsel and assisted free-of-charge for example in contract, tax, copyright and pension matters. If negotiations in conflict situations do not result in a satisfactory outcome, the Union takes care of members legal proceedings and costs.

The Union office is staffed by 15 employees. Members have two legal councels available in the Union office. The shop steward for freelance musicians and the freelance coordinator are available for freelancers to assist in problems related to employment contracts, salaries etc.

Union members benefit from

  • general furthering of musicians interests
  • collective agreements
  • free counseling and contract consultation
  • free legal assistance
  • Muusikko magazine
  • unemployment fund
  • sick fund
  • employment services
  • artist residences in London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Mijas and Raasepori, Finland
  • sound equipment lending
  • events

Finnish Musicians’ Union owns Radio Helsinki and G Livelab venues in Helsinki and Tampere.